September 27, 2013

this is going to offend you

 pain is mandatory. misery is optional.
& black is everything.

this entry is dedicated to my dear friend, Holeh.
thank you for pushing, supporting & inspiring me to write again.

the wind is thrashing against all rooted nature right now.
i can't tell if she's upset, or happy & excited about something.
but one thing i recognize & know for certain is: her behavior - it's PURE PASSION

a cigarette rests between my lips. 
it's the only way i can begin writing these days.
(mind+games with oneself. sigh.)
i officially quit smoking but,
any decent audience already knows: when you have 
in your veins. . .
it's pertinent to break & bend the rules

there she goes again. the wind & her passionate ways.

my deepest thoughts are 
thoughts so intricate that
at times 
the idea of putting them on paper
truly rattles me.
my mind loves to play tricks on me 
with such piercing thoughts & eerie tones
she tells me: "how D A R E you put ink stained sins onto paper"

R E B E L  B L O O D
and, well - i love to sin.
my thoughts exactly:
lets study the color BLACK
black represents to so many:
feelings of darkness. EVIL. grief. suffering.

out of those four words:
  • one is true
  • one is a mask
  • one is "society"
  • one is the teacher
want to play a game of mixANDmatch?
called: breakin' down the
darkness the truth
evil the mask
grief "society"
suffering the teacher

most people believe our creator
to be the color white;
a beautiful, glowing white...
(insert: growling noises)!↓
 LIE$ ... more LIE$!!
god is the pupil of your eye
god is the dark blanket that the stars, planets, sun & moon remain tucked in 
god + love + greatness is: more times than not, perceived as EVIL
therefore, it is our safest & purest form
 there is no light where god resides only darkness
the light lives in the human race.
we meet the light for the first time upon our arrival to planet earth.

SO, why must we always FEAR the unknown? the unfamiliar? 
don't you know? - that is where your maker resides!
yes. god resides in the pupils of your eyes.
if you don't believe me, find a mirror & have a stare down 
with the black tunnel vortex that centers your eyes
DON'T STOP. go as long as you can. 

the darkness is nothing to fear. 
it is something to be loved.
it is something to be cherished.
it is something to be honored.
it is something to be acknowledged.
it is something to be appreciated.
it is something to be respected.

NOTHING is ever 
what it SEEMS.
 a&nd that is truth.

on your darkest of nights you should have no fear, for god lives IN the darkness.
god IS the darkness.
always guiding you. always protecting you. always loving you.

each human purpose is unique + different
pain is one of the MAIN parts of being human
, that may seem harsh but, at some point in time 
             you will come to understand: 
pain is so much more beautiful 
then becoming something numb 
  1. pain is fuel
  2. pain is only found through the darkness.
  3. fuel enables you to move forward: positively, forever embracing this ever-changing existence we are a part of you now understand the concept of God's beautiful blueprint?
p.s. it's okay if you don't completely understand. i know my writing is confusing as fuck ;)

stay adventerous fam. chase those dreams. work hard & play fucking harder.
gypsies travels sends infinite amounts of love -
stay strong, xo

sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” ― gerard way

 © by the gypsies travels

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  1. your writing is so beautiful! i'm proud of you for so many things i cant even list them all. thank you for always being an inspiration <3