June 29, 2013

back pockets + white bandanas

it's official. lady & i are on the run again. hittin the streets so mean. not going to lie - i'm filled with a mixture of emotions today as the reality of it sets in. but as always, it's time to move on...

the beginning of the end. in one week we will be settled in yet, another state of the beautiful USA. it will mark my one year anniversary of coming home last year from seattle, washington. my, oh my! how appropriate and kind of you to show up just in the knick of time__ IR-ONY, you dear - ol' PAL!

as i reminisce on my past twelve months here in san diego i can't help but break out into some good old sarcastic-self laughter. it feels like a movie sometimes. hey, maybe it is a movie! all i know is:
i'm harboring a broken heart
still, there is hope for me - because as broken as it may be:
it beats and burns with a brightness i have never known. 
or maybe i have / just a once forgotten beat. 
deep inside i have this yearn to learn and divulge - dig deeper into things. as my finger tips hit the keyboard, i sit and wonder in awe - what manifestations are in store? the mystery keeps me going.. as i walk into the future: lady to my left & all the weaponry one could need to my right. i look ahead and although it is dark - there is plenty of light surrounding me. i tell myself on the daily:


if i could feel what i felt - once again, from way back when - then that is something worth SLAMMING THE FUCK INTO along the way again! it must be possible. 
I WILL all the possibilities into my existence. 
because, i want to feel alive again - yet, in this state of being i currently exist in. 
whatever, that may be.

confused? i know i am. 
fuck it. one thing i'll always live for: 
my inner drive to reach the top 
perched next to: 
the music
goodnight comrades. stay up - g'd up /from the feet up

© by the gypsies travels