February 26, 2013

trapped in the basis of all creation

i'm going for something a bit different here. traveling outside my castle of comfort :)

my mind is unique. perplexing. conceptualize a chalice, one consumed with a plethora of thoughts that can steady stream make you beam yet, still make you bleed. i tend to get trapped in these thoughts. an alchemistic place of redoubt, (no doubt) is: myself being caught up in the things i know the things (i think) i know, the situations i've been involved in and/or been a witness to, and holding onto pain and suffering while at the same time consciously knowing it's that TIME... to LET/IT/GO. this past week has been filled with less than momentous occasions of contemplation.

i've been capsized by a sea of self this past week, and if there is one thing i can't stand it's sacking the FUCK up and looking IN THE MIRROR. it's so much easier SAID than DONE. it's funny though (irony - which i've decided is a gift in life); the harder i concentrate and fixate on what lies within i can surely feel a sense of majesty arising. and when i look back at the reflection i can see it: the stage of beauty, truth and eloquence stands before me.

for the real & the restless: some superhero shit is on deck, stimulating the brink of danger and diplomatic destruction. here's some "thegypsiestravels keeping it real for today" ish for you: it's so exhausting trying to avoid drama & please everyone. as a LIBRA (and pretty much just ME in general as a unique INDIVIDUAL), i struggle at every moment of EVERY day trying to find balance for all, and avoid conflict. however, the truth is the truth and the inevitable well, is the inevitable. so, take it or leave it. you want truth? i was born with a natural ability to irritate. so, i've decided to take THAT and turn it into something positive that i can use for personal & spiritual growth. a place of love, peace, and uniqueness WITH craziness, testing limits, and open mindedness. a balance of happiness & acceptance leaving myself & all those surrounding me with profound truth! preach? don't mind if i do!

something i wish i knew at a young age: if you can penetrate the hearts, minds, and skin of others - than that is something you should NEVER deny. use it for GOOD. think of it as your LEGACY. because, that: it is.

"we are all visitors to this time, this place. we are just passing through. our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love... and then we return home"

ladies & gents: welcome to the circus
...these, are the travels

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