February 9, 2013

the jokers & the aristocrats

what if i just got on this
a n d changed it
patience is busting me open
cones of vibrations bring
to the mind, sending flight
always craving to be in the zone
putting down the want for once...
and wait? what was that?
oh - here we go.. snap me right the fuck BACK
to all my previous lives / remaining BY retaining
s h o w  m e
o p e n  the skies
l o v e  is always posted on my right ear
listening for the sounds of eternity
bliss and no restraint
grains of sand don't accumulate
s t a r staring
craving the black sky
bring the light out of the dark / 
i heard this old man say once: paradise is among us
and yes / i do find solitude in little cryptic l o v e notes
matrix symmetrical
auxiliaries  are coded
you gave me a question _ r e d  OR  b l u e ?
i swallowed my pride whole 
& said, fuck it/grabbed both - i'll take TWO
p u r p l e
mix & swish with your tongue 
if you want it all - then you already have it all
that's the state of mind we need
in order to proceed
using all sacred gifts to 
each  and every 
D N A nosebleed
S U N S H I N E  S U M M E R  T I M E
i always THROW IT BACK every time i catch it
piece by piece / note by note / string by string /
there's the vica
then there's the versa 
and oh, HELLLLLo
saw the rat grab the cheese
got caught in a trap!
surprisingly made me hungry
let the BUTTER meet the KNIFE
and just lean back
as we MELT into one another
rise up / let's TOAST +2013 
b e c a u s e(all that 2012) f o r c i n g
is naturally . . . a thing of the past
i'll leave you with this:
destruction and betrayal/petals posted to stems
M O O N  L I G H T  V O R T E X_ rest in peace 
m y  l o v e  /  m y  s e c r e t   g a r d e n
i'll be sure to wink at you as i'm pulling you up
from way the fuck down there
afterall, it was someone else that told me: 
i was the rose that grew straight from concrete