February 6, 2013

crazy ♀ beautiful

it's been too long. 
and a long time coming.
something in the air tonight accentuates an eerie essence to my safe haven.
a regular abstract would try to diagnose this as possibly being:

B L O O D  O N  T H E  M O O N 

but being an abstract myself (& a damn good one at that)
i already know
yes: something is transpiring . . .
. . . however, thatit is not 

if you look up at the sky, the moon is absent / out for another game of _ catch me if you can
& the stars; well, they are tucked away in the blankets of safety
brought by silk linen & satin sheets
both the moon, and the stars are mystified and + missing in the abyss of the fog
and so, it is what it is:
evident: the unclear has overthrown the skies here at home.
as i walk around outside i'm very keen to my senses. this f e e l s different. unfamiliar. i find myself constantly checking over my left shoulder, then my right shoulder / like i'm waiting for something to grab ahold of me. i stop. my music penetrates my brain & lights up each and every blood filled vain within. i'm so alive & dancing in the streets. it's obvious to me what's happening. it's not that i'm waiting for something. no. i'm actually. . . searching for something.
transparent: a presence that feels neither good nor bad.

i like love
M U S I C +
& S H O W D O W N S

... get your fix with T H I S MUSICAL I S H: done by a near and dear friend of mine 
it penetrates the brain with (sexy + sultry) noted bullets 
leave the proofed vests off, and come bleed with the musiiiiic / trapped OUT & tapped UP 

love you all, xo

© by the gypsies travels

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