September 19, 2011

the young & naive

"i've been through the ringer, but they can do little to the middle finger. i think i got a tear in my eye, i feel like the king of my world. haters can make like bees with no stingers, and drop dead."

music: my therapy. i live for a good song, or two. or maybe three, four, five. can i get a six? seven? they say i'm a "perfect ten", but somehow still ballin' in at eleven. it's funny when you just let yourself go & don't allow that writers block to come into contact with your mind. from time to time: silly rap poems are created on my block. funny stuff: my grannie sent me an e-mail containing the most adorable article about a rabbit who saved her owner and owner's daughter from a fire. subject line title of her e-mail: bunnie saves family from fire. here's to all the lukey's of the world!! then, immediately following in my inbox was another from her, subject line titled: DO NOT READ THE BUNNIE ARTICLE. turns out, the poor buns died from smoke inhalation. she knows me all too well. for example, pertaining to movies: humans can die all day long but if any sort of animal dies - well then i absolutely WILL NOT sit down and watch the movie. anyways, gran & i both came to the conclusion : the rabbit was a courageous & brave hero.
Lukey, don't be shy baby buns
today was a good day. tomorrow will be GREAT. and in closing all i have to say is... you better believe that if there are 10 haters this week, then i'm praying to god that next week there will be 30. the more the haters, the more talented you know you are ;)
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